Distribution Center - Jacksonville, FL At Samsonite

Samsonite’s Distribution Center team is located in Jacksonville, FL. This team is responsible for ensuring the product is received, processed, and shipped to retail partners so our customers have everything they need for their next trip, business meeting, or even a day on the trails.

When you work in a distribution center you are in the position to see the process from the beginning to the end.  

Whether you are an unloader in the Receiving department where you receive the inventory in to the building, an equipment operator who delivers or retrieves product from its location, a picker who pulls together the smaller pieces of product for an order, or working in Shipping to make sure the order gets out the door on time, you are directly involved in the success of the company.

If you are working on the Customer Service team, you will be the first person to see the orders come in to the system and monitor them through every step of the process to make sure they leave on time and head to the correct location. In this role you have the ability to create customer satisfaction by monitoring shipment status, working to maximize product shipment, and providing updates to customers who are anticipating their shipment.

Even our teams that work with customers after the sale such as Service After Sales, Spare Parts, and Returns, help to ensure overall satisfaction with the brand by helping customers with repairs, parts to complete the repairs, and returning inventory to stock.

If you are part of the management team you will be a key player in the overall success of the Jacksonville team. In each department the leadership team ensures that their team members are engaged and working to exceed company and customer expectations. What is equally important to our company though is that our leadership team is actively working to involve, develop, and listen to the feedback from the employees. Tapping in to the talents of our employees ultimately creates greater job satisfaction as well as a stronger and more committed workforce.

Distribution Center Careers

Some of the career areas offered at our distribution center includes:

Customer Service

Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Operators

Human Resources

Inventory Control


Pick & Pack


Quality Assurance




Service After Sales


Spare Parts


Vendor Compliance

Distribution Center - Jacksonville, FL